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Sorceress Raven Productions is a full-service production company specializing in 2D and 3D animation.

From the first draft sketches, to a complete animation for your business, or pitching tools.


Concept Art (characters and Props)


    – involves thumbnail sketches

    – final detailed illustration

    – turnarounds of the characters

    – Series/Pitch Presentation (More details on this go Here)


3D animations


We will be able to animate our designs for you. (Keep in mind the additional details with background and props if they are needed.)

Character/Prop Rigging

    – prepping for 3D animation

(additional charges will have to be made since we need to outsource a pro-rigger)

3D animations


Concept Art (Environment)


    – involves rough sketches

    – final detailed illustration (all done digitally)



3D Modeling (characters and Props)


    – modeling, and texturing

    – final with turnaround renders


3D Modeling (Environments)


    – modeling, and texturing

    – final with render shots

Logo Design


    – involves rough sketches

    – final detailed illustration

– Also, added, an animated bumper

2D animations


Working alongside with KAGE Productions, we contribute in 2D animation.  We also include 3D models for references and effects.




Writing (scripts)    – We have writers on staff that can bring words to your vision. Voice Talents and Sound Effects    – We also have talented voice artists.


    – for both animation



   – for live action


Contact us for more information and what you are looking for in your video.  We would be happy to hear from you.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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The variety of software’s we use are:

PS-icon Photoshop          Illustrator_CC_icon Illustrator         Adobe-InDesign-CC-01 InDesign         AdobeAfterEffectsCCLogo After Effects

an_appicon_192 Adobe Animate         Adobe_Audition_CC_Logo Audition          2000px-Adobe_premiere_logo_vector.svg Premier

Maya Maya        AB_Logo_Harmony          Audacity_Logo_With_Name

We look forward in hearing from you.

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